Saturday, September 3, 2011

Where my mind is when he's at work...

Since M works so damn much, I can't help but want to make his day better...

Many wives would show up to hubby's work with a nice hot meal for lunch or something similar.

Well, I'd like to show up at his work to drop off a nice hot woman for him to play with in the backroom. Of course, she'll just have to be wearing a short dress for convenience! But how hot I would get knowing that when the store had no customers, he ran to the backroom to play with his fucktoy? Getting her on her knees to suck his hard cock, until he's so turned on that he bends over to fuck her nice and rough from behind... and how hot would it be if someone did come into the store, but her pussy felt so good that he just kept fucking her? Letting them listen as she moans as he fills her with his hot cum.... Then he can go back into the store to help, as she comes out behind him and takes a seat at his desk, while the customers are trying their best to pretend they didn't hear what was just happening... Mmmmm, I think I'll have to make this happen for him!!!


  1. Hi Cquean, I love this one. you're giving me ideas. I would like to try this one myself, in reverse of course. I have one where I fantasize about being the chauffer for the girl I'm with and her lover and driving them around. Dropping them off at a restaurant, picking them up, driving them to a night club,etc. a night on the town where they can't keep their hands off each other in the car and I could watch.

  2. such a lucky husband! and you too!;)