Thursday, September 1, 2011

Welcome :)

My first post!

As explained in my bio, I'm 25, getting married to the love of my life, who i'll refer to as M, very soon. I have a daughter, and I'm pregnant with my second child... We work full time, etc.. We seem very vanilla to the outside world, but that's just because people are not too understanding when it comes to anything that is out of the realm of "normal".

Truth is, I'm a cuckquean. It took me a while to figure out that there is an actual term for this lifestyle. To simplify it, my husband is allowed to have sex with other woman. Whenever, wherever, whoever. I not only allow it but it truly gets me off.. If I'm masturbating, I'm thinking about him fucking other women, knowing that they are enjoying his tongue and his cock, and that he is enjoying them. I do have to say that it hasn't happened in the flesh yet. He seems to always have women flake out on him at the last minute. However, he usually spends his days (when we aren't together) searching for a woman, texting women and sharing nude pictures as well. He has had phone sex with a few... and when we are playing with each other, he tells me in detail what he's going to do to these women.

Since we got together, we've always talked about threesomes. I'm bisexual, and I love to play with women. But I realized quickly that the reason I really wanted a threesome was to watch him please the other woman. Over a bit of time this evolved into me wanting him to find a playmate for himself. Someone to come over and take care of his sexual needs when I'm at work and can't do it.

From there, it just keeps evolving even deeper. I'm at the point now where I like the mild humiliation and I love for him to degrade me. Nothing gets me off harder and faster than him telling me he wants another woman more than me, and that he is going to fuck them better than he has ever fucked me.

So, this blog is our journey. Don't get me wrong, sometimes it's an emotional rollercoaster. Very rarely I'll have days where I'm questioning what the hell we are doing, but those days are very far and few between. This lifestyle, as you can imagine, isn't very prevalent, even in the kink/fetish community. There are a few cuckquean blogs, but there are many more hotwife/cuckold blogs. So I wanted to add yet another for anyone interested...

Enjoy ;)


  1. Hi Cquean, great blog. I'm like you, I get off at the thought of being a cuckold. But I also like the thought of cucking a woman. would be so hot. one thing I know for sure is that no woman can please a guy like young tight bodied teen. they just can't have the tight firm body like they do.
    and i'm talking all parts. I wonder if that's something you think about as well. your husband being with a much younger woman whose body you can't compete with, and can probably turn him on more you.

  2. Thanks!! What you said about a much younger woman is definitely always in my head. I mean, I'm only 25, but I've had a child and I'm currently pregnant! Yeah, I've got a mom body... I know that I can't possibly compete with a tight little 18 year old... Mmmm, the more petite, the better!!

  3. yea those 18 year old's are just to die for with their tight bodies. have you ever tried to find him one? a strip club would be a great place to look. if you just go to one with him a bunch will probably hit you up because a lot of those girls are Bi and when they see a girl, they tend to hit on them a lot. might be fun to try.

  4. I am a cuckqean and sub to my husband. We have been together for 20yrs and are in our fifties. Like Cquean we always talked about threesomes, but the reality was my motive was that I want to watch him enjoying other women and them enjoying him. The more humiliating the better for me so re booblover's comment... younger women with a tight bodies would blow my mind. But we have acted out this for over a year with a divorced, single friend of mine who is Dom and really got off on controlling me, she totally gets my cuckold thing and relishes her part during our threesomes. How lucky we have been!! Sadly we have lost her as our partner, as she is now in a committed relationship, we always new this would happen and my husband and I are happy for her, but miss her. She also really misses us, all three of us believe this was unique and very rare and its unlikely we could replicate this. I would be interested in others view

  5. I just stumbled on this blog and like you all lovvve my hubby with other women. Is anyone still looking at this?