Saturday, September 3, 2011

Last night and the dream that followed.

So, while I still can't have sex, we played around last night.

M asked me if I wanted him to tongue fuck me the way he was going to tongue fuck C. He is so good with his tongue, so fucking amazing. All I could think about was how much C is going to love it. Then M was teasing me, rubbing his cock all over my pussy, it felt SO good and made me crave him in the worst way. He of course got into telling me that C was going to feel better than me, and that I was a dirty whore for letting him fuck other women... What really pushed me over the edge was when he said he was going to make C his girlfriend, and take her out when I'm at work, then bring her back to fuck her on my bed. Mmmm, I'm wet just thinking about it again!

Then of course he wanted me to suck his cock, but I was glad to. He was texting another girl, who we can call S. S is 18 (gotta LOVE the barely legals!), and he was desperately trying to get her to come over so he could make me watch him fuck her. I do believe he was also texting another girl that he met via, too. It made me feel so used, and it was incredibly hot!

Sometime this morning I had a dream about M & C. I came home from work one day when M was supposed to have been at work to learn that he had called out to fuck C all day. I walked into our bedroom and he had her spread eagle, tied to the bed while he was licking her pussy. He told me to take a seat and watch how a real woman fucks him. (This was one of the dreams that was SO realistic, I could feel my wave of emotions...) So, I watched... he brought his cock to her mouth and told her to suck HER cock. (her cock? I thought it was mine!) and she did, and I could tell she was better at it than I was by the way he was moaning ever so softly. It didn't last long as he untied her, and she mounted him in reverse cowgirl, so all I could look at was that tight pussy of her's gripping his cock. Then she started with the talk. She thanked me for his cock, and told me she loved fucking him. She said that the two of them have decided that his cock now belonged to her, but she'd still let me use it from time to time. I looked at him right in his eyes and he told me the same "this is C's cock now...". She told me that I couldn't keep him satisfied, but she could. As I accepted my new place in this, I was sad, but at the same time I was touching myself. He shot his cum inside her pussy and then he instructed me to clean off his cock. When I was done cleaning him up, they made me lay on the bed while C straddled my face so I could clean her pussy. What a huge load of cum I had to clean out of her, and she was using her fingers to scoop it out and put every last drop in my mouth....

And the dream literally ended there.... What a dream!


  1. Wow. I think that dream should come true. Especially the part where M's cock is going to belong to C and not you anymore.

  2. Yay another cuckquean-blog!!!
    I'm so glad I've found you!
    Hope you don't mind if I add you on my blog's list of cuckqueans :)


  3. Wow!! So glad I found this site, you put down in words everything that I want to do in my relationship!

  4. Pretty awesome. Next you should dream about moving out and live on you're own. Eventually you'll dream that it's time to move on and find a real man.