Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dying for these two to get together!

Yes, the second post so close to the first! That's because this is the post I've been dying to write, but I figured an introduction post should come first!

There is one girl in particular that M talks to that he really wants. We'll call her C. C is a childhood friend of mine, best friends for I can't even tell you how long! A little over a year ago, M & C were chatting, and the chat turned dirty. Now, of course, M was telling me everything as it was happening, however, C had NO idea that I knew and M even made it seem like they were being sneaky. The conversation went on for hours. I still to this day think about things that they said to each other and it makes me dripping wet. C told him that she was told by an ex of mine that she could suck dick better than I could, she also told him that he would get addicted to her pussy and wouldn't be able to have her just once, he'd want her all the time. She sent him nude pictures, and I know he loved them. He told her in detail how much he wanted to bend her over to lick her pussy and ass from behind, how he wanted to fuck her hard and make her cum. Such an incredibly sexy, hot conversation. Their chemistry was out of this world! They made plans to fuck a few days later, when I would be at work.

When I got home that day, M fucked me and it was so amazing, I know he was fucking me, but he was clearly pretending it was her. However, somewhere right after we finished it hit me that my best friend intended on sleeping with my man behind my back, and that portion of it I was not prepared for. I flipped out, ended our friendship, etc... Hindsight is 20/20 and I should've waited just a day to say anything, b/c truth be told, I wouldn't have and I would've let it happen! Now, later that same night is when my first truly "cuck" experience sort of happened. I was crying b/c I was so emotional over everything that happened. While I was crying, M started touching me. At the time, I was out of sorts over what he was doing.. I stopped crying although I was still upset. He was rubbing my pussy and he said, "don't worry, I'll end it with her tomorrow, nothing will happen...", then as he kept rubbing me he said "but I was really looking forward to it..." He than moved down and licked my pussy, all the while trying to get me to change my mind, he started talking about her again, and how I should let him fuck her. I had just been crying over it, but here he was talking about her again. To anyone NOT in this lifestyle, that may make him seem like an insensitive asshole, but that is NOT the case at all. That was so long ago now, but I think about that moment and it makes me want to cum to this day.

Fast forward and I decided I was over it. I wanted him to fuck her. I gave him permission to contact her in anyway. Since that time he has spoken to her on and off, but she's been reluctant to agree, rightfully so. I talk to her again, I've apologized and explained, and I've given her my blessing to fuck M.

The past couple months he has talked to her pretty steadily. When he tells me that he is talking to her, it makes me wet. It is unbelievable what the thought of the two of them being together does to me. I want him to be close to her, to have her whenever he wants, and I truly want them to enjoy each other. He's made progress in the past couple days, and I bet she'll be riding him in no time.

With her, it's so different than with anyone else. I can honestly say that if he ever came to me about someone he was fucking and told me he was developing feelings or anything, we'd decide to end it. However, if it was C, I would embrace it, and I'd love to move her in with us, we can be sister wives ;). I'd love for her to be his girlfriend. I'd love to have him come home from work, walk in, and kiss her first. I'd love that he would be able to choose who's pussy he wanted that night, and it would make me cum when he chose her over me. I want her to tell me that she loves fucking him, and loves his cock and his tongue. I want him to tell her that she fucks better than me, tastes better than me and sucks his cock better than I can. I want her tight pussy filled with my husband's cum. This is what I crave the most from the two of them.

When we play with each other now, as soon as he starts talking about her, I can't control myself. It's literally such an amazing experience. I crave him telling me that he will have her pussy and that there is nothing I can do about it. How he'd rather be fucking her, but he is using me because she isn't around. He'll tell me that he bets she can ride his cock better than I can, and how he can't wait to have her, taste her and fuck her. I'm on pelvic rest right now, so we can't have sex, but the past couple days, I've been sucking his cock, and he always cums as he is saying how he wants to fill  her pussy with his cum. It gets me so wet knowing that even though I'm the one sucking his cock, it is the thought of her that is making him cum so hard.

This really only goes for C, though. Obviously I still want him to fuck other women besides C, but I wouldn't want them getting close, and I really don't think I'd want all the true "cucking" stuff from any other woman.

Can't wait for C to cum around :)


  1. I can't believe no one has commented on this yet! This is truly hot and I love reading your thoughts and wishes around M and C. Don't stop writing, bookmarked! :)

  2. I agree, soooooooooo hot. I know how it feels to be all torn up about being cucked so he starts playing with my pussy and telling me he wants her and can't wait to see her again. Before long I'm begging him to do the thing I was crying about earlier. Crazy but hot! I love the way your man talks to you and the things he says. Thanks for going into detail, I can't wait to hear more too. Hope he gets to fuck C soon!

  3. So sexy this makes me cum thinking about my boyfriend fucking a girl.

  4. I never in my wildest dreams would have believed that my husband fucking another woman, which happen to be my best friend, would make my cum like crazy! I'm still new to this, but it's nice to know there are other woman out there who enjoy watching your man cum because of the way another woman fucks him!! SOOOO HOT!

  5. I loved this, great writing.I have the same fantasy about my boyfriend and our very good friend who has the same name as me! I can't get enough of imagining my bf and her together. Sometimes I like to think about my bf getting her pregnant

  6. Me and my husband have exactly the same fantasy with one of my best friends from gets us so turned on. Even the pregnant part someone mentions. I wouldn't do it in real life but love playing about it .. It's the forbidden fruit and the danger of it that we both love.